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About CEO Entrepreneurship

Chief Executive Officers Entrepreneurship Club (CEO-Entrepreneurship club) was established in 2015, and was registered as an NGO with CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISION (CAC) Nigeria in April 2016. Having been acquainted with BBC report as of 2016, that 61% (Over 100Million People) of Nigerians are living below $1 per day, we were saddled with the responsibility of offering financial education to the populace, to change their mentality from job hunting to employers of labour (Entrepreneurship). From inception, we have held several financial freedom seminars in all the Major cities in Nigeria and have succeeded to provide both financial and time freedom to members that adhere to the rich entrepreneurship education that is being offered free by this wonderful platform/Club.

Being aware that poverty is a mentality challenge, we have unrelentingly continue to emancipate both members and none members from the shackles of such negative mentality and also educate them on the need to embrace investment.
We also go the extra mile of researching for reliable and sustainable low investment opportunities that our members can leverage on to be financially free in life.

We do not only provide a platform for entrepreneurs to freely share tip, contribution or suggestion of relevant information that will be vital for their individual business growth, we also offer appropriate technological skills that are not optional for being successful in contemporary business.


Engr. Benjamin Unachukwu:

Known as CEO BJ (An Entrepreneurship Development Expert), Founder and Entrepreneurship trainer/mentor. A member of the board of trustee of the organization.



Winnifred Ibe:

(MLM development expert) Coach, trainer and MLM mentor. A member of the board of trustee.



Janejuliet Adaeze Unachukwu:

(Economics) A member of the Board of Trustee

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